Choiф lauфsuд

Chɔngфbengж Eд Siauяlienфlangж Huatяbengж Iд Kaфkiф Eд Bunж

Chɔngфbengж eд siauяlienфlangж 18 hoiф eд siж huatяbengж cəфkaiф uф 1.500 kaiф jiф kakф kaфkiф eд bunфjiф eд bunж.

Eфhiauя ceфhangф bunж eд Melissa May laiфcuд Corsham uanд Wilts iдkengд eфhiauя Tekяkɔkфbunж, Huatяkɔkфbunж kakф Sɛдpanдgaжbunж. Iд maфsiф eiфhiauя thakд Phuдtoдgeжbunж, Nuoфuiдbunж, Iяtaiфliфbunж, Suiфtɛnяbunж kakф Tanдbɛяbunж. Tongфkimд iд maфsiф tiя okф khakя ceфhangф bunж.

Iд maфsiф eфhiauя kɔngя tamфpokд Laфtingдbunж, Kuфlokфsuдbunж, tongфkimд tiя okф Tiɔngфbunж kakф Hɔфlanдbunж. Iд maфsiф poяmiaж okф Angяkəжluф-Saдkəяsunя, Lokфsuд kakф Khaiфəфthəя uanд Kiamяkioж Tuaфokф.

Melissa iɔngф sãд niж eд siфkanд huatяtienя Skénavánns yangф uф iд kaфkiф eд bunфhuatф kietдkɔф kakф 1.500 kaiф jiф.

Iд maфsiф coф 50 phienд eд jiфtɛnя liauя, tanфsiф iд beф kakф langж iɔngф iд eд bunж kɔngяuaф uiфliauя iд siф cuanф seяkaiф uiдitф eiфhiauя kɔngя cəдleд bunж eд langж.

Skénavánns yangф iяsuф siф "waяlangж kɔngя eд uaф", thĩaд khiяlaiж siangж kakф Pakяɔд eд bunж tanфsiф iд əmфsiф.

Melissa kɔngя: "Ceф langж boф bengфpekд anдcũaя eфhiauя huatяbengж cəфhangф bunж aфsiф uф haдmikд guanфengд. Waя boж təфpietф eд bɔkфtekф. Waя coф uiфliauя waя kaяiф kakф huatяbengж bunж siф geфsutя."

Talented teenager invents her own language

A talented teenager has invented a brand new language with 1,500 unique words and a completely original script - at the age of 18.

Multi-lingual Melissa May, from Corsham, Wilts, already speaks fluent German, French and Spanish and reads Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish and Danish and now she has added another string to her bow.

She has also dabbled in Latin and Old Norse, is learning Chinese and Dutch and has applied to study Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University.

Melissa has spent the past three years creating Skénavánns, which has a distinctive grammatical structure and a vocabulary of 1,500 original words.

She has already built up a 50-page dictionary but sadly she cannot hold a conversation with anyone in her new tongue - because she is the only person in the world who speaks it.

Skénavánns, which literally means 'our speaking of the language', sounds a little like a Nordic language but isn't based on any other dialect.

Melissa said: 'Most people don't generally understand how it's possible to create a language or why you would want to do it. 'I don't have an aim, I'm doing it for the love of it. It's an artistic venture and language creation is an art.

Talented teenager invents her own LANGUAGE of 1,500 unique words - but she is the only person in the world to speak it


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