Choiф lauфsд

Cinфcinд Eф Iohngф App Okф Bunж Boж?

Okфbunж eд app ciiaж chutяmiaж uanд cuanф seяkaiф. Iohngф cдleд app, luя eф okф bunфhuatф kakф tanдjiф. Chutяmiaж eд okфbunж app jiфkanд, uф Duolingo kakф Busuu. Busuu uф 12 hangф bunж eд kauяcaiж kakф chauдkoiф 60 tiauж eд suяiohngфciaя. Iд theфkiongд "freemium" eд boфsekф, uф eд laiфiohngж mienяluiд, uф eд aiя luiд.

Uф cфkaiф tuiя Busuu eд 4.095 kaiф suяiohngфciaя eд yenяkiuф yangф choiфchutф iдlangж siф haяmangж, iдlangж anдcuaя iohngф Busuu kakф iдlangж uф haдmikд siiohфhuatф. Cдleд yenяkiuф maфsiф aiя choiфchutф suяiohngфciaя cinфcinд eф iohngф app okф bunж.

Yenяkiuф eд chamфkeдciaя uф taфpohд kakф caфbohя, iдlangж eд hoiяsiiaд siф 18 kakф 25 eд jiфganд. Tuaфpohфhunф eд langж iohngф app uiфliauя kaфkiф eд hengяchiuж, khiя kiaж, maфsiф uiфliauя aiя thakфchaekф kakф tuaф guaфkohkф.

Can you learn a language with an app?

Language learning apps are very popular in app stores worldwide. These apps offer opportunities to practice grammar and can be a very rewarding way to learn vocabulary. Among the most popular language-learning apps are Duolingo and Busuu. Busuu provides learning materials for 12 different languages and has more than 60m registered users. It offers a “freemium” model where some content is available for free and some are available behind a subscription paywall.

There was a research study of 4,095 Busuu users aimed to find out more about who uses these apps, how they use them, and what they think of app-based learning. It wanted to find out if users can actually learn a language with an app.

The research found that there was an almost even split between male and female users, and more than half of the respondents were between 18 and 25. Most people use the app because of personal interest, holiday travel, because of their career goals or personal aspirations, or because they want to study or live abroad.

Can you really learn a language with an app?


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