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Time and Weather

Time and Weather - Siфkanд kakф thiфsiж

  1. What time is it? – tohngфkimд kuiдtiamя?
  2. It’s ten o’clock in the morning – caяkhiя capф tiamя
  3. It’s half past ten in the morning – caяkhiя kauя tiamя puuaф
  4. It’s quarter to eleven – capф tiamя siяcapфgohф hunд / capф tiamя kauя kaiф jiф
  5. It’s ten past eleven – capфitя tiamя capф hunд / capфitя tiamя nohф kaiф jiф
  6. I forgot my watch – waя beфkiф chengф chiuяpioд
  7. What day is today? – kinфjitд siф haдmikд jitд?
  8. Today is Monday – kinфjitд siф paiяitф
  9. Today is Tuesday – kinфjitд siф paiяjiф
  10. Today is Wednesday – kinфjitд siф paiяsaaд
  11. Today is Thursday – kinфjitд siф paiяsiф
  12. Today is Friday – kinфjitд siф paiяgohф
  13. Today is Saturday – kinфjitд siф paiяlakд
  14. Today is Sunday – kinфjitд siф leяpaiф
  15. Which date and month is today? – kinфjitд siф kuiя hoф kuiя goikд?
  16. Today is January 1st – kinфjitд siф itяgoikд itя hoф
  17. Today is February 9th – kinфjitд siф jiфgoikд kauя hoф
  18. Today is March 8th – kinфjitд siф saaфgoikд kauя hoф
  19. Today is April 4th – kinфjitд siф siяgoikд siя hoф
  20. Today is May 5th – kinфjitд siф gohфgoikд gohф hoф
  21. Today is June 10th – kinфjitд siф lakфgoikд capф hoф
  22. Today is July 2nd – kinфjitд siф chitяgoikд jiф hoф
  23. Today is August 15th – kinфjitд siф pekяgoikд capфgohф hoф
  24. Today is September 16th – kinфjitд siф kauяgoikд capфlakф hoф
  25. Today is October 20th – kinфjitд siф capфgoikд jiфcapф hoф
  26. Today is November 25th – kinфjitд siф capфitяgoikд jiфcapф gohф hoф
  27. Today is December 30th – kinфjitд siф capфjiфgoikд saaфcapф hoф
  28. Tomorrow is a holiday – miaяcaiф siф pangяkaeф
  29. We are going out the day after tomorrow – waяlangж auфjitд chutяkhiф
  30. I met Mary yesterday – waя caфmaeж tuя Mary
  31. I am going grocery shopping in the morning – waя caяkhiя khiя beя bikфkiiaф
  32. It may rain this afternoon – aeфpohд khohяlengж eф lokфhohф
  33. It is hot during the daytime – jitяsiж ciiaж juakд
  34. Come home to sleep at night – amяmaeж tuuiя chuф khunф
  35. It will turn cold after midnight – puuaяmaeж siж pienя lengя
  36. I was busy last month – waя tengя koяgoikд boфengж
  37. I started to learn Chinese this month – waя cд koяgoikд khaiфsiя okф tiohngфbunж
  38. I am going for a trip next month – waя auф koяgoikд khiя kiiaфkiiaж
  39. When are you going out? – luя tiangфsiж chutяkhiф
  40. When are you coming back? – luя tiangфsiж tuuiяlaiж?
  41. What time are you going to work? – luя kuiдtiamя khiя coяkangд?
  42. What time are you off the work? – luя kuiдtiamя pangяkangд?
  43. When do you have a vacation? – luя tiangфsiж pangяkaeф?
  44. When will you arrive? – luя tiangфsiж kauф?
  45. When will you get married? – luя tiangфsiж kiekяhunд?
  46. When will you graduate? – luя tiangфsiж pikяgiapд?
  47. When do you have a test? – luя tiangфsiж khoяchaekф?
  48. When is your birthday? – luя eф saaeфjitд siф tiangфsiж?
  49. It is nice weather – thiфsiж hoя
  50. It is sunny – chutяjitфthauж
  51. It is hot – juakд
  52. It is cold – lengя
  53. It is bad weather – thiфsiж boф hoя
  54. It is raining – lokфhohф
  55. A typhoon is coming – thaiфhohngд tiя laiж
  56. It is windy – khiяhohngд
  57. It is cool – liangж
  58. It is warm – unфluanя
  59. Remember to bring the umbrella when it rains – lokфhohф siж eфkiф cakф hohфsuuaф

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