Choiф lauфsд

Practical Use

Practical Use - sitфiohngф

  1. Congratulation – kiohngфhiя
  2. Wish you wealthy and prosperous – kiohngфhiя huatяcaiж
  3. Happy New Year – sinфniж hoя
  4. Happy Birthday – saaeфjitд khuaiяlohkд
  5. Merry Christmas – siiaдtanя khuaiяlohkд
  6. Congratulation for having a baby – kiohngфhiя saaeфkiiaя
  7. Congratulation for getting married – kiohngфhiя kiekяhunд
  8. Congratulation for getting into college – kiohngфhiя jipд tuaфokд
  9. This is Mary – cдleiд siф Mary
  10. Who’s speaking? – haяmangж kohngяuaф?
  11. You have the wrong number – luя khaф mфtiokд
  12. May I speak to Mr. Wang? – eфsaiя kakф Wang sinфsaaeд kohngяuaф boж?
  13. Hold on, please – cфbaфniiaя
  14. Please answer the phone – chiiaя thiiaд tienфuaф
  15. Is Mr. Wang there? – Wang sinфsaaeд uфtiф boж?
  16. He went out – iд chutяkhiф
  17. Would you like to leave a message? – luя aiя lauфuaф boж?
  18. No, I’ll call back later – mienя, waя tanя kokя khaф
  19. Sorry, I have the wrong number – phaiяseф, waя khaф mфtiokд
  20. Please speak slowly – chiiaя kohngя khakя banф
  21. May I have your name? – eфsaiя caiд luя eд miaж boж?
  22. It’s getting late. I have to go – uuaф liauя, waя engфkaiд cauя
  23. You are a good cook – luя cuя eд ciakд ciiaж hoяciakд
  24. Sorry for bringing you so much trouble – phaiяseф maфhuanж luя
  25. You are such a nice person – luя eд langж ciiaж hoя
  26. Thank you so much – ciiaж kamяsiaф luя
  27. There’s something I have to do so I won’t be able to go – waя uф bikфkiiaф aiя coф, waя beф khiф
  28. I’ll go to visit you next time – waя auфpaiя choiф luя
  29. Come in, please – chiiaя jipдlaiж
  30. Have a seat, please – chiiaя ceф
  31. Have some tea, please – chiiaя limф taeж
  32. Have something to eat, please – chiiaя ciakд bikфkiiaф
  33. This way, please – chiiaя kiiaж cяpengж
  34. Wait a moment, please – chiiaя tanя caeфaeф
  35. Take a seat anywhere you like – chiiaя ceф tohдlohkд luя kaяiф
  36. Make yourself at home – mienя khaekяkhiф
  37. Welcome – huanдingж
  38. Please come again – chiiaя kokя laiж
  39. There will be guests here today – kinфjitд cяpengж uф langфkhaekф
  40. Who are you looking for? – luя choiф haяmangж?
  41. The Spring Festival is Chinese New Year – sinфciiaд siф tngфlangж eф koiяniж
  42. During the New Year’s Eve, the whole family will have a family reunion meal – jiфkauяmaeж cuanф kaeфkhauя paaeдpaaeд ciakд
  43. Children will get red envelopes for Chinese New Year – giдnaя sinфciiaд siж eф thanя angфpauд
  44. We will watch lantern on Lantern Festival – waяlangж tengфlongжjitд siж khiя khuuaф tengфlongж
  45. We will clean tombs on Tomb Sweeping Day – waяlangж chengфbengфjitд khiя sauяbohngф
  46. We are going to eat glutinous rice on the Dragon Boat Festival – waяlangж gohфgoikфcheя siж ciakф bakяcangф
  47. The dragon boat race is very bustling – lengфcunж piфsaiя ciiaж lauфjuakд
  48. We’ll watch the full moon on the Moon Festival – waяlangж pekфgoikдcheя siж khuuaя goikфniohж
  49. Let’s have a barbecue and eat moon cake – laiф hongдbakф kakф ciakф tiohngфciuфpiiaя
  50. The firework on the National Day is beautiful – kokфkhengяjitд eд hoiяhuaд ciiaж suiя
  51. Let’s have a big Christmas meal – laiж khiя siiaдtanя tuaфciakд
  52. The phone is out of order – tienфuaф phaaiя
  53. The TV is out of order – tienдsя phaaiя
  54. The air conditioner is out of order – lengяkhiф phaaiя
  55. The fridge is out of order – sngфtuж phaaiя
  56. The electric fan is out of order – hohngфsiiф phaaiя
  57. The radio is out of order – siuфimфkiд phaaiя
  58. The camera is out of order – siauдengяkiд phaaiя
  59. The gas stove is out of order – gaдsuфlohж phaaiя
  60. The elevator is out of order – tienфthuiд phaaiя
  61. The house is big – chuф tuaфkengд
  62. The apple is small – phengфkohя seяliapд
  63. The blanket is light – phoiфtuuaд khinд
  64. The stone is heavy – ciokд tangф
  65. The Mount Ali is high – Ali Suuaд kuanж
  66. This place is very low, it will be flooded when it rains – cдleд sohяcaiф kaeф, lokфhohф siж eф imфcuiя
  67. After turning on the light, it is very bright – khuiф hoiя auф, ciiaж kngд
  68. The sky becomes very dark during the night – thiiд amяmaeж siж pienя ciiaж amф
  69. The cars go very fast – chiaд kiiaж ciiaж khuaiф
  70. I walk very slowly – waя kiiaж ciiaж banф
  71. The necklace is very expensive – lienф ciiaж kuiф
  72. These clothes are very cheap – cяtiauж saaд ciiaж phiiд
  73. Over here – uanд cяpengж
  74. Over there – uanд heяpengж
  75. On the left – uanд toяpengж
  76. On the right – uanд ciiaяpengж
  77. Turn left – cuanф toяpengж
  78. Turn right – cuanф ciiaяpengж

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