Choiф lauфsд


Food - ciakд

  1. What time will the meal start? – kuiдtiamя ciakд?
  2. Do you want more rice? – aiя kaeд puuiф boж?
  3. Is the food OK? – ciakд gamд boж?
  4. The meal is ready – ciakд cunяpiф hoдliauя
  5. I’ll go preparing some fruit – waя khiя cunяpiф koiдciя
  6. I have prepared some dessert – waя chunяpiф tiamяsimд liauя
  7. Do you want any drink? – luя aiя limд boж?
  8. Do you need anything else? – luя kokя aiя haдmikд?
  9. The meal is delicious – cдleд ciakд hoяciakд
  10. How do you cook this food? – luя anдcuaя cuя cдleд ciakд?
  11. What would you like for dinner? – luя amяtngф aiя ciakд haдmikд?
  12. Will you be home for dinner? – luя tuuiяchuф ciakд amяtngф boж?
  13. What would you like to eat? – luя aiя ciakд haдmikд?
  14. What don’t you eat? – luя boф ciakд haдmikд?
  15. This is too sour – cдleд thaiя suuiд
  16. This is too sweet – cдleд thaiя tiiд
  17. This is too bitter – cдleд thaiя khohя
  18. This is too spicy – cдleд thaiя hiamд
  19. This is too salty – cдleд thaiя kiamж
  20. This is too hot – cдleд thaiя sioд
  21. This is too cold – cдleд thaiя lengя
  22. This is fragrant – cдleд phangд
  23. This is stinky – cдleд chauф
  24. The fruit you bought today is sweet – luя kinфjitд beя eд koiдciя tiiд
  25. Don’t put too much salt in the soup, it will be too salty – maiя kaeд thaiя ceф iamж uanд thngд, eф thaiя kiamж
  26. The meal is too greasy today – kinфjitд eд ciakд thaiя iuж
  27. Don’t make the food too spicy – maiя cuя thaiя hiamд
  28. I like to drink milk – waя kaяiф limд guфlengд
  29. I like to drink coffee – waя kaяiф limд kohфpiд
  30. I like to drink coke – waя kaяiф limд kohдlaя
  31. I like to drink juice – waя kaяiф limд koiдciяcapф
  32. I like to drink water – waя kaяiф limд cuiя
  33. I like to drink tea – waя kaяiф limд taeж
  34. I like to eat fruit – waя kaяiф ciakд koiдciя
  35. I like to eat a banana – waя kaяiф ciakд kinфcioд
  36. I like to eat apples – waя kaяiф ciakд phengфkohя
  37. I like to eat watermelon – waя kaяiф ciakд siфkuaд
  38. I like to eat bread – waя kaяiф ciakд miфpauд
  39. I like to eat cake – waя kaяiф ciakд keфnngфkoд
  40. I like to eat chocolate – waя kaяiф ciakд cohфkфlatд
  41. I like to eat fish – waя kaяiф ciakд huж
  42. I like to eat chicken – waя kaяiф ciakд keд
  43. I like to eat egg – waя kaяiф ciakд nuiф
  44. Do you want to drink tea? – luя aiя limд taeж boж?
  45. Do you want to drink a soft drink? – luя aiя limд khiфcuiя boж?
  46. Do you want to drink coffee? – luя aiя limд kohфpiд boж?
  47. Do you want to drink beer? – luя aiя limд ciuя boж?
  48. Do you want to eat fruit? – luя aiя ciakд koiдciя boж?
  49. Do you want to eat cookies? – luя aiя ciakд piiaя boж?
Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash


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