Choiф lauфsд

Daily Life

Daily Life - saaeфuakд

  1. Let’s go shopping, ok? – laiж khiя beя bikфkiiaф, hoя boж?
  2. Let’s go eating something, ok? – laiж khiя ciakд bikфkiiaф, hoя boж?
  3. Let’s go for a movie, ok? – laiж khiя khuuaяhiф, hoя boж?
  4. Let’s go for a walk, ok? – laiж khiя kiiaж, hoя boж?
  5. Let’s go singing, ok? – laiж khiя chiiohяkuaд, hoя boж?
  6. Let’s go to McDonald, ok? – laiж khiя McDonald, hoя boж?
  7. Let’s go to the night market, ok? – laiж khiя amяchiф, hoя boж?
  8. Let’s go swimming, ok? – laiж khiя siuфcuiя
  9. Are there any restrooms around here? – cяpengж uф cuiяpangж boж?
  10. Are there any public phones around here? – cяpengж uф kohngдkiohngф tienфuaф boж?
  11. Are there any banks around here? – cяpengж uф ginфthangж boж?
  12. Are there any post offices around here? – cяpengж uф iuфkiohkя boж?
  13. Are there any police stations around here? – cяpengж uф kengяchatфliauж boж?
  14. Are there bus stations around here? – cяpengж uф chiaфcamф boж?
  15. Are there any drug stores around here? – cяpengж uф iokфpangж boж?
  16. Are there any hospitals around here? – cяpengж uф lohkяkunфchuф boж?
  17. Are there any beauty shops around here? – cяpengж uф biяiongфtiamф boж?
  18. Are there any movie theaters around here? – cяpengж uф hiяtaiж boж?
  19. Are there any department stores around here? – cяpengж uф pakяhoiяkongфsiд boж?
  20. Are there any restaurants around here? – cяpengж uф ciakфtiamф boж?
  21. I want to go to the post office – waя aiя khiя iuфkiohkя
  22. I want to go to the bank – waя aiя khiя ginфthangж
  23. I want to go to the hospital – waя aiя khiя lohkяkunфchuф
  24. I want to go to the supermarket – waя aiя khiя chiauфchiф
  25. I want to go to the convenient store – waя aiя khiя pienфliфsiongфtiamф
  26. I want to go to the movie theater – waя aiя khiя hiяtaiж
  27. I want to go to the department stores – waя aiя khiя pakяhoiяkongфsiд
  28. I want to go to the beauty shop – waя aiя khiя biяiongфtiamф
  29. I want to go to see a doctor – waя aiя khiя khuuaф lohkяkunд
  30. I want to go for a grocery shopping – waя aiя khiя beя bikфkiiaф
  31. I want to go for a haircut – waя aiя khiя kaд thaфmohж
  32. I want to go for a hair perm – waя aiя khiя tienф thaфmohж
  33. I want to go to dump garbage – waя aiя khiя toф punяsoф
  34. Remember to turn off the gas, and close the doors and windows before going out – eфkiф aяboiф chutяkhiф siж khamф gaдsuф, muiж, kakф thiaфngaя
  35. Remember to bring your keys when going out – eфkiф chutяkhiф siж cakф soяsiж
  36. Watch out for your safety when crossing the street – koiя lohф siж cuяiф anдcuanж
  37. Walk on the pedestrian cross when crossing the street – koiя lohф siж kĩaж uanд koiяlohфsuuaф
  38. Pedestrians have to stop for the red light and walk on the green light – koiяlohфlangж angфhoiя siж thengж kakф chaaeфhoiя siж kiiaж
  39. Beware of pickpockets in crowd places – uanд ceфlangж eд sohяcaiф aiя sioяsimд chatд
  40. I want to take a bus to there – waя aiя ceф kohngфchiaд khiя heяpengж
  41. I want to take MRT to there – waя aiя ceф MRT khiя heяpengж
  42. I want to ride a bicycle to there – waя aiя takф hohngфchiaд khiя heяpengж
  43. I want to walk to there – waя aiя kiiaж khiя heяpengж
  44. What would you like to buy? – luя aiя beя haдmikд?
  45. I want milk – waя aiя guфlengд
  46. I want fruit – waя aiя koiдciя
  47. I want eggs – waя aiя nuiф
  48. I want bread – waя aiя miфpauд
  49. I want apples – waя aiя phengфkohя
  50. I want oranges – waя aiя kamд
  51. I want pork – waя aiя tuфbakф
  52. I want chicken – waя aiя keфbakф
  53. I want fishes – waя aiя huфbakф
  54. Do you sell cigarettes? – luя beф hunфkiд boж?
  55. Do you sell soft drinks? – luя beф khiяcuiя boж?
  56. Do you sell juice? – luя beф koiдciяcapф boж?
  57. Do you sell toothpaste – luя beф gaeфkoд boж?
  58. Do you sell soaps? – luя beф saяbunж boж?
  59. Do you sell bread? – luя beф miфpauд boж?
  60. Do you sell stamps? – luя beф iuфphioф boж?
  61. Do you sell stationary? – luя beф bunфkuф boж?
  62. Do you sell coffee? – luя beф kohфpiд boж?
  63. Do you sell beers? – luя beф ciuя boж?
  64. How much is it? – kuiяceф?
  65. How much does this cost? – kuiяceфluiд?
  66. What’s the price? – keяciiж kuiяceф?
  67. How much is the total? – lohngдcohngя kuiяceф?
  68. How much is it per item? – cфkaiж kuiяceф luiд?
  69. How much is it per person? – cфkaiж langж kuiяceф luiд?
  70. This thing is very expensive – cдleд biфkiiaф ciiaж kuiф
  71. This thing is very cheap – cдleд bikфkiiaф ciiaж phiiд
  72. What would you like to eat? – luя aiя ciakд haдmikд?
  73. I want hamburgers – waя aiя ciakд hanяpoя
  74. I want fried chicken – waя aiя cienфkeд
  75. I want French fries – waя aiя ciдtiauж
  76. I want hot dogs – waя aiя juakфkauя
  77. I want pizza – waя aiя phiдsaф
  78. I want sandwiches – waя aiя sanфtohяitяciф
  79. What would you like to drink? – luя aiя limд haдmikд?
  80. I want coke – waя aiя kohдlaя
  81. I want coffee – waя aiя kohфpiд
  82. I want black tea – waя aiя angфtaeж
  83. I want milk tea – waя aiя taeфguфlengд
  84. I want orange juice – waя aiя kamфcapф
  85. I want ice cream – waя aiя sngфkoд
  86. I want hot black tea – waя aiя sioд angфtaeж
  87. I want iced coffee – waя aiя lengя kohфpiд

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